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Spill Kits and
Granular Absorbents

One-stop spill cleanup solutions that clean 80% faster, and reduce your waste disposal costs by 66%.
Shop granular absorbents, boom socks and spill kits with absorbent mats.

Passes the EPA’s TCLP and TTLC Testing

Exceeds Federal EPA Leachate Standards

OMRI Listed Organic Products

Derived from Coconut Husks, Lightweight

California Approved

Environmentally Friendly



SpillFix del Caribe President, Alberto Ruisanchez, demonstrates the effectiveness of our products

All-natural, organic, and sustainable – SpillFix is a super effective granular spill absorbent and a product you can feel good about! In the video you can clearly see how simple and effective the granular material from a Granular Absorbent 4 Gal Bag is to work with. The paint is cleaned up in no time with minimal product used!

Market Leading Advantages

Some of the many financial advantages SpillFix products offer compared with traditional absorbents are summarized here:

Reduced Material Requirements

Reduced material requirements saves on purchasing, handling and warehousing costs, e.g.: One skid of SpillFix v. 4 skids of traditional absorbent.

Lightweight Transport

Lightweight transport – greatly reduced material weight  offers significant saving on transport logistics, e.g.: One  pallet of SpillFix + skid = 1,000 lbs. verses one pallet  traditional absorbent + skid = 1,960 lbs.

Lightweight Handling

Lightweight handling – lighter bags (20lbs. v. 40lbs.) also provide for more efficient handling/man-hours and reduced risk of back injury and waste from ruptures when absorbent bags are accidentily dropped.

Suitable for all types of spills

Suitable for all types of spills – eliminating the need for multiple products and potential hazards. Some absorbents are not suitable for certain liquids and can become volatile.

No Waiting

No waiting – the immediate high-absorbency of SpillFix reduces the amount of material required by 70%. Plus it reduces the time needed to clean up a spill by 80% – downtime is minimized.

Workplace Safety

Workplace safety – the complete absorbency of SpillFix eliminates all spill-residue, so the area is rendered safe and non-slippery immediately on clean up – floor-space remains usable and safe.

Reduces Waste Management Costs

Reduces waste management costs – with a quarter of the absorbent-waste to dispose of, disposal cost are significantly reduced as too are the charges due to landfill safe disposal. Even when hazardous liquids are absorbed, SpillFix remains sufficiently inert to be disposed of as non-hazardous landfill as it will not leach toxins into the environment – cost reductions are dramatic.

Diverse Usability

Diverse usability – SpillFix has multiple applications other than spill clean up. It can be used as a reusable waterless cleaner for hands, tools and equipment – saving on other disposables and time-wasting practices.

Compare Our Product to Theirs

SpillFix Simple Logo Zep Logo Oil-Dri Logo SpillFix Simple Logo Zep Logo Oil-Dri Logo
Non Carcinogenic
Dust free
Safe for all spills
Non abrasive
Absorbs paint
Absorbs on contact
Approved for non-hazardous landfill
Pet and human safe (before use)
Re-usable on multiple spills
Certified safe around food*
Suitable for all domestic use
Environmentally responsible life-cycle
Small carbon footprint

SpillFix vs. ZEP Absorbent

See our product in action! In the following video you can clearly see how simple and effective SpillFix is versus ZEP granular and silica absorbents. Our products outmatch our competitor’s performance in both absorption and cost ratio.

SpillFix Passes all the Tests

SpillFix passed all the tests from the different agencies such as EPA (Enviromental Protection Agency), ANSI American National Standards Institute and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) among other regulatory agencies.