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Granular Absorbent Bag | 4Gal

100% Organic, Non-abrasive, Non-toxic, Silica Dust-free

Passes the EPA’s TCLP and TTLC Testing

Exceeds Federal EPA Leachate Standards

OMRI Listed Organic Products

Derived from Coconut Husks, Lightweight

California Approved

Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable, Recyclable

100% made from coconut husk, lightweight and highly absorbent, one 4Gal bag of SpillFix Granular Absorbent has the absorbent capability of a 50lb bag of clay-absorbent. SpillFix is non-toxic and carcinogen free, unlike other popular clay absorbents and leaves a slick-free clean.


Best For

Gas Stations, Water Treatment Plants, Transport and Trucking, Commercial Kitchens, Garages and more.

Product Specifications

What’s inside?

  • SpillFix Granular Absorbent Bag 4Gal (7lb/15L)


Product Volume 4Gal / 15L
Product Weight 7lbs / 3.2kg
Container Type Smart Bag
Class Universal Absorbent
Absorbent Capacity 2.1Gal / 8L
Absorbent Type Granular
Material Coconut Husk, Coir
Material Features 100% Organic, Non-abrasive, Non-toxic, Silica Dust-free

Key Features

  • Premium absorbent made of 100% recycled material
  • Safe, non-toxic, silica-dust free
  • Instant spill cleanup
  • Certified safe for landfill disposal
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can be reused
  • OMRI Certified for use in Organic inputs
  • NSF Listed for use as an absorbent in Food manufacturing

Suitable Uses

Industrial Spills


  • Tarmac & Runway
  • Maintenance Hangers
  • On Board

Distributions Centers

  • Warehouse
  • Transportation Vehicles
  • Maintenance


  • Factory floor
  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Receiving and Shipping


  • Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Engine Testing Facilities
  • Repair facilities & Body Shops


  • Shopping Malls
  • Building Maintenance
  • Grocery Stores

Everyday Spills

Home & Workshops

  • Garage
  • Laundry
  • Kitchen