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Spill Kit 4Gal Bucket

100% Organic, Non-abrasive, Non-toxic, Silica Dust-free

Passes the EPA’s TCLP and TTLC Testing

Exceeds Federal EPA Leachate Standards

OMRI Listed Organic Products

Derived from Coconut Husks, Lightweight

California Approved

Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable, Recyclable

Affordable and portable spill kit for everyday spills. Our Spill Kit in a 4Gal Bucket is light and compact, making them convenient to fit anywhere on site or on board a vehicle. Respond quickly to spills and leave a slick-free clean no matter the substance using our granular absorbent.

Best For

Absorbs Oils, Solvents, Coolants, Water, Blood, Vomit – Universal

Product Specifications

What’s inside?

  • 2.25Gal SpillFix Granular Absorbent
  • 5Ft SpillFix Super Absorbent Boom Sock
  • 4Gal Bucket
  • Absorbent Pads
  • Trash Bags
  • How To Use Instructions

Key Features

  • The only Spill Kit that comes with granular absorbent!
  • Safe, non-toxic, silica-dust free
  • Instant spill cleanup
  • Landfill safe disposal
  • Compact and lightweight

Suitable Uses

Industrial Spills


  • Tarmac & Runway
  • Maintenance Hangers
  • On Board

Distributions Centers

  • Warehouse
  • Transportation Vehicles
  • Maintenance


  • Factory floor
  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Receiving and Shipping


  • Defense & Military
  • Emergency & Police
  • Fleet Management

Hospitality & Events

  • Restaurants (BOH & FOH)
  • Event Centers
  • Theme Parks

Everyday Spills

Home & Workshops

  • Garage